I have been working in the film industry for about 30 years now – shooting stills around the world with some of the most talented & versatile actors, directors, producers & technicians in the business.

I graduated from Film school way back in 1988 having studied Film, Video & Photo Arts at the Polytechnic of Central London – since re-invented & re-named The University of Westminster. Early on I was introduced to the artist Derek Jarman, who gave me the opportunity to work on several of his films & these provided my first very relaxed introduction to the world of experimental film making.

Since then I have covered pretty well all genres & story-lines – from classically-shot period dramas to contemporary tales of urban conflict & crime; action-based counter terrorism adventures to genteel Romantic comedies & most everything in between.

I am based in Northwest London.

Film Stills Photography

Every film requires to be approached differently. Although the film-making process is essentially the same from film to film, because of the specific requirements of each production & the complex mix of personnel & characters ( both real & imaginary ) on set, no two projects are ever alike. Part of the challenge for any photographer working within this delicate structure is to find the best approach. He has to undertake each project as a unique entity & find the best way of working so as to be able to produce a strong & compelling set of images by the end.

The three main aspects of film stills photography are:

–      On-set film stills – the story-telling images which convey to an audience key moments & characters as well as the look & scope of the film. A strong set of stills should be able to comprehensively depict the narrative & illustrate the depth & style of a film.

–     Poster & gallery shoots – both studio & location-based – for marketing & campaign material.

–     ‘Behind-the-scenes’ photography –  documenting of the movie-making itself – directors, actors & crew at work & at play !

I have compiled a range of images covering all these areas that best illustrate my work over the years.

They can be found in the Galleries section – please enjoy !

Liam Daniel


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